I'll find you the best Virtual Assistants so you can skip the hassle of hiring

I've spent years testing, vetting and interviewing over 2,289 VAs. I'll connect you via email to the best...

Only ~2% of VAs make the cut...

I've worked on and in many businesses - but founders and business owners face the same challenge...

There's only one of you.

So much to do - the proactive work you should be doing, but the reactive work is draining your time. Staying on top of your inbox, customer support, making sure your bookkeeping is done, have you posted the marketing content you wanted to?

I found peace.

I went out and hired virtual assistants.

People who could help me to offload the tasks that were draining my time (building lead lists, responding to candidates, help me stay on top of my inbox, transcribing interviews).

But finding these people wasn't easy. I'd regularly hear from friends who wanted to do similar but struggled:

'Where do you find Virtual Assistants?'
'How do you know if they're any good?'
'What can they help with?'

However, a career in operations has given me the skills to:

  • Separate excellent candidates from 'good' candidates when hiring
  • Create processes and systems to help delegate
  • Know whether someone is performing or not

And that's what I bring to QuickHire VA.

Years of knowledge and experience both in operations and running my own businesses.

I'm here to help you delegate, fire up your productivity and have systems/processes in place to make your business run.

You want a virtual assistant - I have pre-vetted the best in the business and will connect you with them.

Founder, QuickHire VA